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DIY Battery Check

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As local experts in batteries and battery testing, the team from Battery Warehouse is proud to assist you in any way possible. We can advise you on how to perform a DIY battery check and are happy to offer the following tips to our clients in Tauranga. If you require any information regarding batteries and performing a check, don't hesitate to call or visit our team right here in Tauranga.

Safety first

We always take extreme caution when performing a battery check on-site in Tauranga. So please remember to always be careful when performing a DIY battery check, as batteries contain a mix of distilled water and acid, which can burn skin and damage clothes and paint work. If any fluid gets on your skin, quickly wash it off with water. And never check batteries near a naked flame.

Check and refill battery fluid

Some batteries have screw-on caps that allow you to check and refill the battery fluid. If your battery has caps, remove each one and check that the fluid in the chambers is at the appropriate level, indicated on the battery. If it needs topping up, use distilled water from your local supermarket or service station in Tauranga and be careful not to overfill. After filling, make sure to tighten the caps securely

Ensure terminals are clean

Be sure to turn off your engine and ensure the battery terminals (the knobs on top of the battery cables) are clean and dry. If a terminal is warm to the touch, it might indicate corrosion or loose connections. Clean off any corrosion (which looks white and fluffy) by pouring hot water or bicarbonate of soda onto the affected area.

Tighten loose connections

Tighten any loose connections or terminals with an appropriately-sized spanner. Make sure the spanner doesn’t touch any part of the vehicle body (particularly the wires and cables in the engine) as it will cause the engine to short and potentially damage your electrical system
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