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Suntech Solar

Local supplier of quality solar systems in Tauranga

Taking a progressive approach to our business and what we offer our clients in Tauranga, Battery Warehouse is very proud to be official stockists of Suntech solar systems and solar panels. Suntech is one of the world's most dependable and respected names in the industry. For over 40 years, their solar systems have demonstrated their outstanding quality, continually outlasting and outperforming other solar technologies. We are happy to offer their full range for your needs in Tauranga. Drop in or call us in store today.

Off grid Solar products

At Battery Warehouse in Tauranga, we offer Suntech solar systems and silicon solar products. Suntech offers the widest range of off-grid solar panels (from 5W to 140W) designed for applications from telecommunications, water pumping, and instrumentation to solar lighting in remote and rural areas. These stand alone systems supply electricity to areas where there are no electrical grid transmission lines.

Solar Home System

Suntech’s Solar Home System provides independent power for off-grid homes and communities by creating direct access to nature’s most abundant energy resource. The small-scale power system, suitable for any climate or terrain, is easy to install and provides long-term, reliable power performance backed by a 25-year power output warranty. The all-inclusive installation kit features efficient and durable crystalline silicon solar modules, encapsulated, maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, hassle-free wiring, and an electrical control box that can be mounted easily, as well as a complete installation guide that empowers end users to take charge of their energy future

Product range

The features and benefits of the Suntech range of solar systems are seemingly endless. If you require more information about any of the products feel free to read the provided information or give us a call.

Wde (240 - 245 watt)
STP245 - 20/Wde
The universal format and cost-optimised module design of this 60-cell polycrystalline solar module makes it stand out from the rest. Featuring a black frame for aesthetic appeal, the Wde offers the best price-performance ratio for residential and commercial rooftops or open space systems, including solar parking structures, and is compatible with the industry’s leading micro-inverters.

Wdb (250 - 255 watt)
STP255 - 20/Wdb
Suntech Wdb is an all-black module with 60 monocrystalline cells, combining the high-performance solar module with an attractive appearance. The Wdb is a perfect choice for residential or commercial roof installations and is compatible with the industry’s leading micro-inverters.

Cutting edge technology

Providing cutting-edge cell technology, the world-class research team at Suntech develops the latest advancements in silicon-based solar technology every day.

Many of the advancements in solar systems have been developed at the University of New South Wales, a leading institution for silicon solar research. The jointly-developed PERL cell technology, which is now employed on all Suntech Pluto cells and HiPerforma modules, set the world record for solar conversion efficiency in 2009.


The goal of the Suntech solar systems and products is to improve solar efficiency and affordability for you.These products will power your home and protect the environment while lowering your electricity bills year-round in Tauranga. Discover why more homeowners are finding Suntech to be the smart choice in solar.
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